Our children cannot run out of toys, they are essential for their development, even more so when we can experience periods of isolation.

This is the objective of the campaign launched by AEFJ “Christmas is in your hands. #TheToyIsEssential”. Given the worsening of the health situation, home confinement and the closure of all activities not considered essential are reconsidered. It is necessary for the toy to be considered an essential good of first necessity for children, as the main instrument of play.

Through toys, children express their emotions, reproduce what they are experiencing, externalize their anxieties and worries and channel their fears. The toy makes them adopt a playful and enjoyable attitude that improves their mood and facilitates the connection and well-being of all family members.

Games and toys are the best ally for children and families in a period of confinement.

The toy sector advocates that toy stores always remain open with the necessary security measures, taking into account capacity and/or allowing them to act as a click and collect point for collecting online purchases. It also asks consumers to avoid last-minute crowds and help the Three Kings fulfill the wishes of each child's menu, the sector recommends making purchases in advance.

With this campaign we try to unite the power of the entire toy sector in a single voice. That is why we ask you to make it present and publicize it through your websites, social networks, store, promotions, brochures,..., so that it reaches all of society with intensity.

The AEFJ raised the request to the administrations and political parties, now it is in your hands that the social demand reaches it and it does not happen as in the previous confinement. At least, if the children have to spend Christmas in confinement, let them think, this time, about their health and well-being.


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