Orders placed via the B2B online platform are subject to the following terms and conditions of sale, except with customers with whom special terms and conditions have been signed.


·          The minimum orders to accept the order are:

§   90€ + VAT for Spain (mainland Spain)

§   200€ + VAT for the Balearic Islands

§   300€ for European Community countries.


If the minimum order is not reached, the order will not be accepted.


·          Free shipping:

§   For orders of more than 150€ for Spain Peninsula.

§   For orders of more than 300€ for the Balearic Islands

§   For orders of more than 1000€ in countries of the European Community.


Provided that it is the sum of the amount of the articles of the order with available stock.


·        Payment on the first order by bank transfer in advance.


Subsequent payment may be subject to individual customer conditions.


·        Orders will be delivered within 2 to 7 days after verification of payment if payment is made in advance.


The prices published on this platform do not include VAT.





CPA Distributor reserves the right to modify prices without prior notice, as well as to remove or include products in the catalogue at any time. In the event of a price change, the customer may cancel the references if they have been affected.


Items will not be reserved until the order is finalised.





The articles with sale without stock are those that are marked as "Pre-orders" in your purchase button, these articles will be accumulated in a second cart called Pre-orders cart, when you finish this pre-order it will be stored in the section Pre-orders history located in your user account. Subsequently from CPA we will review and validate your pre-order that will go directly to the file of your Order History, being marked as "IN ORDER" in your pre-order history.

Cpa Distributor cannot guarantee service on all non-stock items (pre-orders) and will link service to availability. These items will be invoiced at the time of availability and under the payment conditions agreed with each customer. Likewise, Cpa reserves the right to cancel the order if the product is not available.

Cpa offers CSV files with the product data in order to automate the registration of your articles, please contact us and request it.

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