Advantages of working with CPA Distributor

  1. We offer an extensive catalog, with high product rotation.

  2. There is no minimum quantity per item, you can order by units, although you should keep in mind that there are discounts for adapting your order to packaging standards.
  3. Convenience and ease of placing orders and queries at any time and day of the year, 24 hours x 365 days.
  4. Communication of news and preview of new collections and campaigns from the main national and European manufacturers.
  5. Advance of the new products of our brand Tachan, being able to obtain discounts for early purchase.
  6. We have many products on offer at unbeatable prices.
  7. Possibility of making repeat orders without having to make large purchases.


How to work with CPA Distributor?

In order to enjoy the advantages of Cpa Distributor it is necessary to have a professional client account. If you do not have one, you can request it from our registration request section and we will contact you shortly and send you your credentials. From that moment on you will be able to access our platform, see product prices and place your orders.

There are two types of orders in Cpa distributor, orders for items that we have in stock (Orders in progress) and proposed orders for items with advance sale (Pre-orders), in the purchase button we will see what Order type corresponds to each item and when you add it to the purchase, it will be automatically redirected to each type of cart.

Ordering items with available stock.

Orders for items with available stock will be redirected to the firm order cart; upon confirming the order it enters our system for processing. Please note that in cases of advance payment, the order will not be final until payment is received.

Pre-order, advance sale items.

When we select items with pre-sale we will generate a pre-order cart, upon completion and validation this pre-order will be displayed in our account registration in the pre-orders section. These will be waiting for Cpa to review them, once we review them we will automatically validate them, at which point the status in your customer record will change, becoming an order in progress that will enter our system to process it. You will be able to see the status of your pre-orders in your user account.

It is important that when you make your orders you group the maximum number of items in each one, each order will be processed separately, so if the minimum amounts are not reached, shipping charges could be charged.

Product added to wishlist
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